• space

    particles and collisions

    ha! thirteen billion year old lightbulb,
    microwave background of the
    universe, harvesting and brewing
    bluegreen primordial soup and throwing in
    our galaxy’s cosmic curds – why do they


    who is the master chef at the ‘antediluvian light’?
    who the sous chef?
    who manages, listens, watches, stirs, directs?
    temperature, stages, benign neglect, love applied and
    withheld – all brought together in
    precision to encourage the curdy bluegreen muck
    to gain mass and volume and shoot off clusters of
    newborn irradiated galaxies stewed by
    the sun.


    hallelujah! shout the archangels while
    the heavenly host fly and sing to the
    music of the spheres!

    all, not merely a few, must see this and
    abandon fear and whatifs – what if
    i die?
    what if
    the planet dies?
    drop fear and soar – there are so many
    places to visit when
    we leave.


  • space

    Breaking News: Black Holes

    “Black holes are where God divided by zero.” Albert Einstein (1879–1955)

    I am so happy about yesterday that I am declaring April 10 – BLACK HOLE DAY!  I’m going to talk politicians into having schools, businesses, government agencies, etc., devote the annual holiday to learning more about black holes.  That will give everyone something to do on April 10 for eternity.

    THANK YOU, ALBERT EINSTEIN, for your humility, your brain, your quirkiness and your manifold gifts to science and us.  And thanks to everyone involved into giving birth to yesterday!

    Let’s get on this transporter, folks, and off what we’re fed about our planet – and we’ll SAVE EARTH… with a nod and thanks to the younger generation’s exciting advancements!