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    venice at 1st glance

    I first visited Italy in 2003 when I went to Venice to explore the city of my dreams and of my first novel.  We went with close friends and decided that, for our first venture, a boutique hotel package might be the best idea.  All four of us like to live as neighbourhood-ly as we can.  And from our arrival at Marco Polo airport to our water taxi back to the airport for the trip home, everything was perfect.  The best way to get around is by foot and vaporetto, the water bus – don’t forget to buy a pass.

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    stay at a trullo

    Everywhere and, before the world was finally laicized, at all times, trees have been worshiped. It is not to be wondered at. The tree is an intrinsically “numinous” being. Solidified, a great fountain of life rises in the trunk, spreads in the branches, scatters in a spray of leaves and flowers and fruits. With a slow, silent ferocity the roots go burrowing down into the earth. Tender, yet irresistible, life battles with the unliving stones and has the mastery. Half hidden in the darkness, half displayed in the air of heaven, the tree stands there, magnificent, a manifest god. [from Aldous Huxley, Essays: The Olive Tree The Tree of Life]

    the grounds of Trullo della Luna, near Latiano, Puglia, Italy

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    We stayed in a lovely apartment in the ancient city, an easy walk to the Pantheon, the Vatican, Piazza Navonna and the Tiber. It was a challenging hike to our place on the third floor, where we had a lovely living room and kitchen and bathroom. Our granddaughter slept on the sofa in the living room and my husband and I slept on the beautiful linens on the queen bed in the loft.