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    Guelph’s stone churches

    the BASILICA on Catholic Hill

    The Basilica of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception: From the earliest days of the settlement of Guelph, Catholics have played a role in the life of the community. Bishop Macdonell, the Bishop of Kingston, who was responsible for the Catholic Church in Ontario, was a friend of John Galt, the founder of Guelph. He had supported Galt’s work with the Canada Company, which was charged with developing much of the land in southern Ontario. When Galt established the new settlement on April 23, 1827, he gave to the Catholic Church the hill in the center of the town. In his Autobiography he writes: “a beautiful central hill was reserved for the Catholics, in compliment to my friend, Bishop Macdonell, for his advice in the formation of the Company.” A road was cleared leading up to the hill: Macdonell Street. In the autumn of 1827 Bishop Macdonell was one of the first visitors to the new settlement. [from Wiki: https://www.basilicaofourlady.com/about/history]

    Dublin Street United Church

    since 1874

    At the corner of Suffolk and Dublin streets, Dublin Street United Church is active in the downtown community with its own scheduling and providing space for other activities.